Buy Face Masks & Respirators Direct Buy Face Masks & Respirators Direct We supply the UK's largest range of protective Face Masks and Respirators, we will beat any UK price, simply Call 01268 768 768 to take advantage and start saving £££'s now
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Buy Face Masks & Respirators Direct

Buy Face Masks & Respirators Direct

We have been supplying Face Masks and Respirators since 1998, however since the pandemic we have entered some quite simply crazy times. Face Masks and Respirators have seen a situation no one could have predicted with them now becoming common place in virtually all situations

This rapid demand saw major supply issues, something which is still in effect today, however we have been able to maintain stocks due to our extensive contacts, although when the pandemic hit hard we had to buy at a highly inflated prices to maintain stocks

Thankfully things have calmed down and our stocks and prices are much closer to pre-pandemic, although still not quite there yet

One thing we have tried our very best to do is stay competitive and with this in mind we are running a price beater guarantee, if you find the same product cheaper please tell us, simply give us a call on 01268 768 768 and let us know!

We stock a full range of high quality Face Masks and Respirators including;

Washable and Reusable Face Masks - we only stock what we feel are the best Washable and Reusable Face Masks which have been treated with an anti-bacterial coating or utilize an anti-bacterial material. We do not sell "Fashion" Face Masks as we feel these offer virtually no protection

Medical and Surgical Grade Face Masks - we stock a range of Surgical Type Face Masks which are an economical Face Mask for use in various industries but also now commonly used by the general public

FFP approved Respirators and Face Masks - For proper protection customers need an FFP approved Face Mask or Respirator. This includes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 with either a Valve or Non Valved. FFP1 filters 80% of particles, FFP2 filters 95% of particles and FFP3 filters 99% of particles. Please note Fashion Face Masks filter approx 2% of particles, that means 98% gets through and are therefore pretty useless in our opinion

We also stock a range of Hand Sanitizer, Social Distancing Products and PPE all at unbeatable prices

Please give our friendly sales team a call now on 01268 768 768

Article Posted: 08/06/2021 14:58:29

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