Hand Sanitiser Hand Sanitiser We stock a massive range of Hand Sanitiser from 50ML to 5L industrial bottles. In addition we can help you keep safe with our range of Social Distancing Tapes and products, Face Masks and respirators and much more
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Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

Indigo can help keep you, your family and staff safe during this pandemic with a full range of professional grade Hand Sanitisers in sizes to suit including portable 50ML, 100ML and bulk 5L (litre) containers. We also stock Social Distancing Tape, Signs and associated products plus of course a massive range of Face Masks, Face Coverings and respirators detailed below

Face Masks International have been supplying high quality Face Masks, Respirators, Face Shields and Visors since 1996!

Since the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic this industry has been chaotic to say the least and we have tried our very best to maintain stocks of the best Face Masks and Respirators on the market

We stock a full range of Respirators including FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 plus Surgical Face Masks meeting various standards including general purpose, Type2, Type IIR, Hygiene Face Masks, Doctors and Medical Grade face Masks and more

Again due to the pandemic not all grades are available in stock, but we have some of the largest stocks currently available in the UK

Cost prices unfortunately rose during the "panic buying " period, however we have been working extremely hard to be the cheapest in the UK and our prices are currently exactly that, plus all prices for Face Masks and Respirators are backed up with a price guarantee

We have not entertained "Fashion Face Masks" as we feel these offer pretty much no protection to the user, you are looking at a filtration percentage of just 2% meaning 98% of particles are getting through the mask. Instead we have focussed on stocking either Anti-bacterial coated Face Masks for those looking at washable and reusable types, although we recommend FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 for those wanting real protection

Fashion Face Masks filter just 2% of particles

FFP1 Filters 80% of particles

FFP2 Filters 95% of particles

FFP3 Filters 99% of particles

We stock a full range of brands including FMI (Face Masks International), 3M, Weini, Moldex AND MUCH MORE

Please call us for current stock and prices of our 3M Face Masks and Respirators including 3M 8210, 3M N95, 3M 8833, 3M 8810, 3M 8510, 3M 8710, 3M 8822, 3M 8835, 3M 8516, 3M 8825, 3M 8710E, 3M AURA, 3M VFLEX 9152, 3M 8000, 3M 8300 and many more!

Article Posted: 04/02/2021 16:05:56

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